Grandsum Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, but actually we involved in plastic material recycling commerce more than 40 years, injection of pipe fittings about 15 years, and kayak and outdoor accessories commerce about 10 years. In 2005, we cooperated with a factory which is located in Ningbo, China. We don’t boast we are an expert in these fields, but we are a professional dealer in the fields of recycling plastics and manufacturer for kayak and outdoor accessories, supplying to most recycling dealers and kayak companies with competitive price and quality around the globe.

With 40 year-experiences of recycling knowledge and a decade manufacturing experience specializing in OEM manufacturing kayak and outdoor accessories, Grandsun devoted its best resources, partners, and knowledge to provide our best services and products to the customers.

4 Main Business by Grandsum

Plastic Recycle

Main: PVC recycle and process

PET, ABS, PP, PE, PS…etc plastics commerce

Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fitting Manufacture and commerce

Kayak Accessories

Kayak Cart, Kayak Seat, Kayak Rack, Surf Leash..etc.

Outdoor Accessories

Roof Rack, Roof Carrier, Bike Rack, Wheel Step

Grandsum hopes our service and products will help reduce environmental pollution (to green up the life), enhance your life quality (to drive up the dream), and enjoy your leisure hours (to surf the way) with natural environment and outdoor activities. We believe you will get the confident quality, competitive price, and reliable partnership from Grandsun by our steady prospective, improving quality, and grand dream.

Welcome to Grandsum Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Sincerely wish you will get optimum products from Grandsum. We will be your best choice and partner afterwards.

Grandsum Enterprise Co., Ltd.